I love you before anyone else! Jim Lang, B.C.B (Before Cool Beans) Part Two - My Entry For Galenkp's BAE Contest



"Wind! This is the biggest race of the year! Let's you and me show 'em how it's done!" Jim said to the wonderful horse which he raised from a newborn foal.

Pounding down the home stretch, Wind's closest competition was his half brother, Streak. But even Streak was a full five lengths behind. Jim was filled with pride for his best friend. Possibly one of the best Saturdays of his life!

"Congratulations again! This is becoming a habit!" Trav said, laughing. While the races were serious business, most of the riders knew when to lighten the mood.

And Trav was genuinely happy for the young man, as well as the horse who had beaten the odds just by surviving his first night on Earth. He had been there for Wind's birth after all.

"What a beautiful horse!" exclaimed a young lady, who had grabbed the reins to lead horse and rider to the winners circle.

For once Jim was speechless. This girl, no older than himself, was both beautiful and fearless. She was handling Wind as if she had known him forever.

"Here they are, Pa." she said, addressing the master of ceremonies.

"What are you going to do with your winnings, Jim?"

"I'm going to save it, Pa. Maybe when I have enough, I'll build a little house over close to the stream if you don't mind?"

He smiled. "What's her name, Jim?"

"Julie - but how did you know, Pa?"

"Let's just say a father can tell. And yes, you may have that land when you want it. But do your ma a favor and wait until you're at least fifteen!"

"Of course! I've only seen her once!" Jim was a bright red by this time.

"Your third year in a row of winning the Derby! This is unheard of..."

"It's all Wind, Pa. Sometimes I think he could fly if he wanted to."

"Well you best get along and see that girl of yours! Even with Wind, a 30 mile round trip is nothin' to joke with. And we have church tomorrow, so if your lady comes back she will want to have an early night. The guest room looks like a princess's room! Ma did a wonderful job."

"Julie! You know how I feel about you, right? Well I have to know how you feel about me."

"If you don't know, what can words do to help, silly?"

"I'm being serious. Pa gave me my favorite spot in the world so I can build a home there. I want to take you out to see it. That is, if you are interested in marrying me?"

As he completed the last part he got down on one knee.

"Yes! What took you so long?" she asked, laughing.

"Well Pa said that Ma was going to be mighty sad when I move out. I'm her only child, you know. But I'm sixteen now. A man should start his own family."

"Tell me about the spot you chose for our home, Jim."

"I'm not going to tell you. But I'll show you! Go get Lady and we can ride out there. Ma has a guest room fixed up, you'll be real comfortable."

"I have to ask Pa first, but I'm sure he will let me. And I have to tell Ma and Pa about your proposal!"

"Well your pa always did want Wind in the family! His most recent offer was forty five thousand dollars."

"And yet you keep declining. You know that Wind can't keep winning races forever, don't you? At best he only has a few more years of being in his prime. If you sell him now you'll never have to worry about money."

"Julie? You know that I could no sooner sell him than I could my own parents - or you." he said, hurt.

"Of course. I was just thinking about it from all sides. That's what a good wife does!"

She smiled sweetly, and he melted.

I'll be at the store when you need me. I want to look at some catalogues while I'm here."

"I won't take long!"

"Oh! I wonder if she would like a carriage? She loves ridin' Lady, but a carriage would be mighty fine for Sunday. I best ask before ordering it though.

Quickly walking to her family home, he let himself in. Her ma had insisted that he not knock, as she felt he was almost family.

Walking across the thick expensive rug, he began his search for Julie. He heard voices in her pa's study. Not wanting to disturb their special moment, he started to walk away.

"Well it's about blasted time! That horse isn't getting any younger!" He bellowed. It could surely have been heard through the whole house.

Jim was shocked at his reaction to his daughter's news, and his feet felt glued to the floor.

"Not to mention the foals we're missing out on because of his arrangement with Red Rock. That Jim Lang puts his honor above good business sense."

"I really do care for Jim. Aren't you happy for me?"

"Yes of course dear, good work. You've made your pa proud."

"Thank you, I will never disappoint you. I love you before anyone else!"

Jim hadn't planned to listen in, it had been an accident. But he thanked the good Lord that he had been guided to that spot.

Slipping out of the house, he got Wind and rode home without ever looking back.

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Cool... I love reading novels. It's a short one but I liked it. Thanks for sharing.


My pleasure :) Did you see part two? Even that is part of a larger collection!


I've onlyread part two hence I was not able to get the main thought right away.