A Tale Of Two Pizzas: The Engineer Of Chaos



Riding her horse at a full gallop, Danny Rupert's top spy arrived at the Oil Baron's sprawling mansion. Handing the reins to a stableboy with instructions, she confidently walked in.

Having learned long ago that the best way to blend in was to act like she belonged, she initially dressed and acted like one of the many messengers who came and went every day. Messengers entered via the servant's quarters, which gave her the opportunity to change into the housekeeper outfit she had stashed away in her bag.

Housekeepers are almost invisible to the rich. It would be a perfect way to get close enough to find out if Barry had been compromised. Her instincts said it was very likely. She had also assumed that Wes's cover had been blown when he met with Barry. Even if he hadn't fallen down the stairs, going back would have been a very bad idea. Someone must have been watching Barry.

"Hey, you! The Baron's lunch is ready, take it up to his room before it gets cold!" said a large older woman, who was pointing towards a huge covered platter.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Say, aren't you new?"

"Yes, Ma'am. My cousin, Jenny, helped me to get the job. I'm so happy for the opportunity."

"Well, be sure you take the cart. It won't do to drop his lunch all over the floor on your first day, now will it?"

"No Ma'am, thank you."

"Let's stop with the ma'am business. I'm Linda."

"I'm Sarah, Ma'am - Linda. I better get this food served, maybe we can chat later?"

"Sure sure, you'll do fine, just keep quiet and do what you're told. The Baron is real big on obedience. He speaks, you jump. Remember that and you'll go far!"

Rachel, or The Engineer as she was known by her associates, smiled as she went to the Oil Baron's suite. She had been briefed on where Barry lived, and decided to go there first. She could always act "lost".

"Knock knock"

"Yes? Come in."

"I just love summer. The leaves are so green."

Barry's jaw dropped, but he composed himself. All he had to do was not give her the right code and he was free - he hoped.

"I prefer spring. It reminds me of new life."

"Are you alone?" She whispered as he helped her pick up a handkerchief.

"No, I am constantly monitored."

"I take it this isn't the Baron's quarters?" she said in a normal tone, straightening.

"No, they are just down the hall. The big oak door with the carvings, and brass knob and knocker. You can't miss it."

"Thank you. I didn't catch your name?"

"Barry, Miss."


"Good day, Sarah."

Rachel had her answer. And based on Barry's pale, frightened face it was time he left for greener pastures. She would have to stir up a bit of chaos and get him out of there. But first, there was intelligence to collect!

"NEVER!" stormed a man on the other side of the door.

Rachel knocked meekly. "Lunch, Sir?"

"Yes, leave it on the table. It better be hot this time, or you will fix a new plate!"

"Yes, Sir."

"I told you, we can't do anything until we have that recipe. What good is cheese if we don't have a way of making good use of it? It'll never work unless we get hold of the recipe or the chef." he said, calming at the sight and smell of his steak and potatoes.

"Very well Sir, I will assign a few more people to the situation. I understand that Mark is very close to gaining access to more of the recipe and the baking process. Once he is proficient at his job we will extract him."

"Thank you, Chelsea. Get on it right away."

Rachel had heard enough. She slipped back to the servant's quarters, and put some soot from the fireplace on her face to hide her features. Grabbing a broom, she made her way to the cellar. She needed a distraction.

"This ought to do it..." She said, smiling.

Selecting a few bottles of the precious wine, she went to the stables. Once five of the stableboys were properly drunk, she escorted them inside and double dog dared them to moon the Baron's wife.

Soon there was a massive uproar! Rachel, who had already found Chelsea's nook, was waiting for her chance. While she would have loved to witness the results, unfortunately there was work to do.

When the noise was at its peak, she slipped into Barry's room, staying close to the floor and in the shadows. Instead of looking at her, he stared directly at his mirror.

"I wish I had another chance. I know I don't deserve it. But I've changed."

"Tell it to the Baron..." growled a voice from the other side of the mirror.

Rachel caught on. He was distracting his guard. She now knew where he was located. There wasn't time to incapacitate him, the distraction would only last a few minutes. She had noted that all of the doors opened out. Probably a precaution to avoid anyone barricading themselves inside. This baron seemed like the violent type.

Quietly The Engineer got to work. Once the door was properly sealed, she slipped into Barry's room again. "Time to go. Your friend can't leave his room." she whispered.

Barry yawned, then turned off the lantern and went into his bedroom. In the dark he slipped out of his quarters.

Before anyone knew he was missing, he and Rachel were in the stables.

"It's an emergency! We need two of the fastest horses here, orders of the Baron!" she demanded.

"I don't know, those horses are reserved for the Predas."

"Well, it's your head. I can ask him to come out here and tell you himself."

"You will bring them back?"

"Yes, on our next trip here. And in fine condition."

Five minutes later they were on the road, and nobody could stop them.

"Yes Otto, I want you to look for items that we can trade for more lumber and bricks from the South. If we can increase our supplies I want to build another kitchen, once Mark and Ryan have mastered their craft. We will keep expanding as fast as we can, while making sure that the recipe stays safe of course."

"Yes Danny, of course. But may I ask, how well do you know these apprentices? You are trusting them with a lot of information..."

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Fabulous writing! I have only just come across The Tale of 2 Pizzas. Such a fantastic collaboration. I'd love to get involved. I'll try either this week or next. You have been writing phenomenally my friend. i have really been enjoying your work💗


Thanks so much for the kind words :) I can't wait to see your entry!!! I still need to write for this week :)