Silver between supply crisis and demand abundance.


Silver will be the best investment in future ?

It is expected that the available silver supplies will run out due to the large industrial demand in the coming years, this will lead to an increase in its value with an increase in investment demand in future. But this requires great patience and after a long time when the industry absorbs all of silver, as the rest of the silver may disappear within the next few decades.

Base metals are among the important commodities that have witnessed a decline in their price, with copper declining by more than 18 percent, as silver is a binary product of base metal mining.
In addition to the high energy costs that will affect silver mining, as oil is consumed a lot in the world.

As for the increasing demand for silver, it is in an accelerated growth, whether industrially or in the fields of photovoltaic cells. Nothing conducts electricity better than silver. Most applications of silver are obligatory. So maybe Silver is the new gold investment in future.


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