Waking up my inner child


“We nurture our creativity when we release our inner child. Let it run and roam free. It will take you on a brighter journey.” ― Serina Hart well.


Winter is a special season for me, it always has been. Many of our home traditions begin in late November, specially when my mother started preparing for all the December decorations, which she still does and makes her happy doing so. It is also a season where I remember and have all the good memories of my father and the stories he told.


Most of our memories are created and stored in this amazing, cold but beautiful season. Although we normally don't have as much snow, over 7 years ago I decided I want to learn how to use and operate snowboard. As a little kid my father tryed to teach me skiing, but we lived in the city and as a hardworking man there wasn't much time to teach me as we were living from month to month, and he provided us with food. This time of the year he was also an excellent at making special meat, sausages. We still lived on a tiny farm and had our own meat threw whole year.

Was told I might go to skiing school but lost interest in it after a few years. Was still a little boy maybe 10 years old and I didn't even realize that I might miss that one day. Snowboard was calling me and when I had opportunity to meet a friend that thought and was a teacher of snowboarding/skiing on top of mountain Golte I had to ask to teach me. It took one whole day and a couple too many beers followed by a nasty fall at the end of the day, when I got into snowboarding.


Since then I went on prepared snow a couple of times and quickly learned the basics enough to be able to go skiing on unprepared slopes. I quickly fell in love with snowboarding as it connects me, my inner child and those gold old memories of skiing with my father one time on top of Celesta koca.


Yesterday I got a chance to be home, was rewarded with fresh, cold, powdery snow and without any other dutties. Woke up, made myself some tea, dressed up, took a bottle of water, a backpack with me and went outside to feed my inner child.

It's an amazing feeling to me gaining speed, making turns, sometimes followed with a jump, being blessed to live on top of a hill (around 600 m) and have a long enough route to slide threw white powder for around a minute, maybe two. Makes me happy, fills me with positivity and teaches me consistency when I walk back up and repeat the process again.


As I live far away from the city it's peaceful and there are many more hills around. There was one day when me and my friend @shakazula explored surrounding hills with our snowboards and found even longer, steep route on the other side of the hill. Where we even threw a bunch of snow on a tiny road to slide threw it the whole way down to the bottom. Need a lot more old and fresh snow on top to try that again. :)



Even found mr. Boby along the way down while taking a few minute rest to get back to breath.


Yesterday was an amazing day, been active on snow for almost 4 hours, full of joy, an amazing workout, stunning views and beauty of our mother nature. When I went back inside I decided to make some healthy muffins without sugar and prepared to make a healthy ish pizza with double cheese and tuna as I was got a visit in the evening.

Now it's time to drink my coffee, get dressed and get back outside as my inner child is screaming to get back on the powder. Was cold enough threw the night that it freezed and saved some snow for today, tomorrow is not promissed, so I might use the day at it's fullest.


All photos were made with my new buddy Galaxy A52s and are shared without any filters nor editting, pure natural.

Thank you for taking time reading, stopping by, staying positive. Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

Imagination is everything it is the preview of life's coming attractions -Albert Einstein

Til next time, stay awesome... Happy, Strong & Healthy my friends !


noice! I remember that pretty chapel on the hill!

we had a wee bit of snow last night here, too, but it has already turned into a greyish mush again :P


Oh yes it's gorgeous and easy to spot in the winter :)
Very nice!
Remember Gandalf was also grey.. before he evolved to white haha