The Chatter



Lizzy was three and a half foot tall with red-orange pig tails and a scowl etched into her otherwise pretty face. An only child at 7 years old, Lizzy possessed an adult sized sense of entitlement. David pulled up at the general store where Lizzy sat swinging her legs on the front swing. He parked his sharp black convertible up in front and leapt out of the car without opening the door. He smiled at Lizzy who scowled at him and shook her pig tails. Lizzy sat out front of the store protecting the coveted Chatter doll behind her swing, front and center inside the store display window. Her birthday was in five days. Dad said if it was there when he returned for her birthday he'd buy Chatter for her birthday. Her job was to keep people from buying her.

Lizzy turned in her seat. Craning her neck to assure herself Chatter was still in her little white chair. Lizzy checked every few minutes.
A cat ran by the front of the store and leapt onto the porch. It hissed and growled as a large white dog rounded the building, its tongue lolling outside of his mouth and tale wagging.

"Go home Luther, leave Silky alone!!" The cat spat in Luther's
face and leaped off the porch and under David's convertible.

David pushed open the door which was signaled by the cheerie tinkle of chimes. In his arms was a large box within a big blue bag with the name of Black's General Store on it stamped in Gold foil.

Lizzy stared a moment at the huge box her eyes narrowed for a fraction of a second. Her eyes sought Chatter. The chair was gone! Lizzy jaw slacked like the spring broke.

She leaped to action and nearly stumbled off the chair in haste to catch the man with her doll. She wobbled slightly and felt knee problems righting herself then she shot down the stairs toward the glossy convertible.

"Sir? Sir!?" She called after the man. He was in the driver's seat with key in hand. Chatter's box was in the back seat.

"Yes, young lady?"

"I'm certain that you bought the wrong item in there, mister!"

The man stifled a laugh.
"You don't say now, do you? Well, I'm just doing as I've been asked to do, miss."

Lizzy shook her head so violently he thought her pigtails would go flying, or she'd go off in orbit. David struggled to keep his amusement hidden.

"No, no sir! You just took my birthday gift!"

David fixed a serious look on his face.
"Well, miss, I know someone really special who has been waiting a long time for this particular doll and it would break her heart to wake up on her birthday and not find this present."

Lizzy's lip shot out and her chin jutted out, but her eyes were looking glassy of a sudden.....


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