051320 - Wednesday - My Entry to Contest - "What does TODAY (May 13, 2020) Mean to ME?


What today means to me?

Just like yesterday, the day started grey and with some rain. Not enough to water the plants but enough to make the weeds grow. Just like other days it's windy and stormy at the end of the afternoon.

Once out of bed I felt miserable but cleaned the buckets.

As I fed the wolves I noticed one did not get his food. I am not quite sure who it was so two got an extra meal.

My connection was slow but I could answer and read a bit.

My daughter didn't get paid.
I asked for it again and sent her 15 euros to buy fruit, meat, fish and some diaries. The vitamines and Zinc I bought her already arrived. Let's hope it benefits her.

0.66 cents left.
It's fine I have food and my bills are paid.
I will survive the next 10 days without shopping. I saved a bit for some pizza and/or ice for if I go back to town and in the mood (a late Mother's day dinner).

Since two days I started sneezing again.
Each time I wear a face mask it starts what proves it does not help agains pollution, dust, and irritating smells at all.

Food on the table
A big fat pancake with bacon
A piece of cheese
Some cookies without sugar
Chicken, baked rice (left from yesterday) vegetables (wok).

In a world where healthy food is three times more expensive as junkfood it will hardly surprise anyone people have a lack of vitamines and minerals and are overweighted.

Published today (Wednesday, May 13, 2020)

My energy is on a low level.
Several times a day I seem to collapse. I try to go on, perhaps I should not and simply go to bed instead of being present.
My children do not really miss me. They have fun together playing minecraft.

The youngest and I started watching the series "Toon" on Netflix. It is not the best series there is but it's better as nothing.

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