RE: Halloween trick or treat in the village!

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I believe all humans are addicted to sugar (the brain is dependent on it as its main food) so we can't blame them. As long as they are getting decent quantities of fruit to sustain that addiction they won't crave the sweets too much. That's the theory anyway ;)

You might be right. My body keeps telling me that it isn't good for me but my hand keeps reaching for it, whenever it's around.

Note to self: I have to eat fruit instead. I usually got plenty of fruit at home, but whenever there's sugary stuff too, I choose that instead.

The funny thing about when the internet came back on was my new reluctance to even look at the computer, let alone get back into the old routine! Amazing how fast things can change. Think I am a farmer at heart.

I totally get it. Whatever I try, I still have a love-hate relationship with screens and computers. If it wasn't for all the great friends that I had made out here and for being all-in in crypto, I might have been a screen and deviceless creative.

I just have to up my farming skills.

Big hug!