RE: It's pesto time of year again (and the price of HIVE goes nuts!)

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It's incredible how learning has advanced. There are some advantages, every now and then, to this insane / crazy world we're living in.

Awesome to hear that you are awaiting an actual piano. Or perhaps you meant to say manifesting. No matter what, it will come your way, sooner rather than later.


You didn't know I am writing a book!


That means you haven't read my blog since November 2019, at least... hahaha
I write about it in almost every single post.

No worries, I get it. It's hard enough to focus on our own stuff already. We can't all stalk other people's timelines ( like I still do ). It's draining.

I think you're gonna like my book though. It started as a novel and is ending up to become a series of books that are fun for adults and hopefully also for ( slightly older kids ) and vice versa.

Do please let me know in a direct message when you are done with that. Would love to have a read.

Will do, buddy.


I feel sure I have checked out your blog in the past, just missed the book references! Am very conscious I need to stop telling myself this, but I really don't know where my time goes each day and having a moment to read other people's blogs doesn't come around often. I love that you stalk my timeline! Please don't stop :)