Living the dream in a world filled with uncertainties for the young adult



Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all, said Helen Keller.

We go through setbacks in life's journey, so it is said, which is true. Yet, even in knowing what it holds we somehow long for a sense of completeness, to be whole in whatever way. That much is what I find true. Life has a lot of Ironies, one of such being that "Good people hardly ever find their way to the top".

The world is changing this much we do know, and half the time the tides in the affairs of Men leaves us stuck and rooted in a spot. However, in the wake of such events we somehow manage to pull away from the precipice of unwanted situations. Looking back, I sometimes wonder how I would've liked to make some decisions, to do things differently. Maybe, perhaps, life would've made more sense. But, Alas! We were granted no such powers.



As a young adult in a developing country, it becomes overwhelming when things don't go according to plan. Even when all there is to do is work, work, and more work only to realise all the effort only leaves you shortchanged in the end, leaving you with nothing but hope for something better coming out of it in a future of no distance. The Journey, however, seems daunting, and the effort, fleeting.
In certain countries today, it is even more difficult to live through the underwhelming global situation, leaving many confused on what step to take in their lives. We could talk about critical matters all day, but nothing would be different. However, accepting to live the life with which we have been given would leave those whose dreams sets them in a place to self-actualization, sad, and unhappy. Therefore triggering the never-ending effect of dissatisfaction, and emptiness.

In Conclusion:


Humanity needs her young adults to achieve their dreams, and go beyond whatever labels society has imprinted upon them. To ideally pursue whatever dreams, goals and aspirations they have for themselves and as a resultant effect for the world at large. That's what gives meaning to life, we must find that which makes us important and go after them even when the world thinks us foolish, or unwise. That's the way to go about changing the status quo. To learn to truly live life without bounds, charting a course without limit, and journeying without an end towards our dreams. Through it all we'll live on in order to raise the bars; in our inimitable existence, because in the end whatever importance our hearts are tethered upon outlasts many lifetimes.

Thank you for reading.



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Life can be so so unpredictable that even when we have things perfectly planned out, it still turns out unfavourable ar the end.

Living in a developing country/ under developed country can be frustrating.