Omicron BF.7 : new covid wave in India

Helli namaste to all hive users who reach my post are you all i hope you all are doing great in your life and enjoying your life with your loved ones.

Today i am talking about very serious topic .Yes, the new variant of Covid has knocked in the whole world.And its maximum effect is being seen in China, although China has not yet told the complete details.But at present, China has warned the whole world and has asked to remain alert.Because this Omicron Bf 7 variant is being said to be very harmful.

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However, so far four cases of this variant have been found in India.the omicron bf.7 is a dominant variant currently circulating and driving the number of cases in china .
WHO has declared the variant as a variant of concern .And the cases of Covid in India are increasing.the number of cases may increases because of the variant because of the immune escape phenomena which means that people who are already vaccinated or infected may get the infection again .

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In the whole world, a lot of damage has been done due to Covid and this is known to all.Now it is time again that all the people have to unite and fight this virus so that minimum number of people can come in its grip.I have full faith that if the people of the whole world give their contribution in this, surely we will root out this virus.

I am a yoga teacher, then as a yoga teacher it is my duty to tell people about yoga and tell them its benefits. By which everyone can increase their immunity, which will give you the power to fight against this virus.

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Kapalbhati Paranayama is performed first.In which you have to sit in a comfortable pose.After that you have to close your mouth and leave your breath out loudly.Keep in mind that while exhaling and inhaling , you only have to move your stomach inside out.the rest of your body will remain the same .By doing this your immunity will become strong.Do this only for about 10 to 15 minutes .

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 As you are seeing the photos,  this is Anulom Vilom Pranayama.By doing this you get mental strength which will help you in fighting this virus. It is very easy to do this yoga .First of all, you sit in a good posture after hitting the cradle.After that you have to close one nose and inhale it with the other nose .Then after that the second nostril has to be closed and it has to be exhaled from the first one.You have to do this activity for at least 15 to 20 minutes.

Right now starting May you have to start doing these two Pranayama for a few weeks.
In the next post that I will make, there will be complete whole body yoga. By doing which you will feel very healthy.

NOTE : Please do this pranayama on an empty stomach. Do not do it after having food and water .
You can drink some tea, that too an hour before.

So thanks for spending your valuable time you in a next post.i hope you all learners something new through my post
. stay healthy take care .



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