This is Why We Need Freedom of Speech | Abhijit Chavda on History, Hitler, World Wars and Geopolitics


Taking away nothing from the atrocities committed by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis during world war II, I just want to touch upon the possibility of there being an alternative history that were not taught in history books and i think you're the right person to ask this. Do do you have a different possibly controversial take on Adolf Hitler and his atrocities? Do you think that he's as bad as our textbooks portray him to be?

Imagine seeing such words mainstream media in 2022. Imagine how how such conversations would be around the woke mobs on Twitter and even on centuries old mega news publications. Yet this is a very important and genuine question that very much needs to be asked.

The Podcast Episode

This is on YouTube and Spotify; neither being decentralized or censorship resistant. There is no reason to say that these talks will survive for a long time without facing major resistance or even deplatforming. A lot has happened in the past few years coming to a point where definitions of millennia old words are distorted, twisted or even completely changed.

Another Teaser To Pique Your Interest

I don't think he is worse than Stalin or Mao. Stalin ended up killing more people than Adolf Hitler. Mao Zedong killed way more people than Adolf Hitler. Winston Churchill killed more Indians than Adolf Hitler killed Jews. But we demonize Adolf Hitler and we kind of (even in India), worship Winston Churchill because we're not taught the truth.

So there's always shades of grey. it's not all black and white of course. Hitler was evil. Of course he was a monster. But he was not the biggest monster. He was not the biggest shark in the pond.
Churchill was worse. He was brutal he was a Hinduphobe; he was an Indophobe. He killed so many Bengalis and he siphoned off the the wheat that India was producing which would have gone to Bengal and he sent it to Greece. Mao Zedong killed way more people later on in during his career in China. Stalin killed way more people than Hitler, but we demonize Hitler. I'm not
saying we should not demonize Hitler. But he was small fry compared to these other people actually.

All the parts in italic were taken from the podcast. You don't have to agree with all the things Abhijit Chavda is saying. Some of things are simply his opinion. What you cannot ignore is the facts. Churchill, Stalin and Mao each killed more people than Hitler. If you have been following my work, you must have read my old articles on the hypocrisy and hidden information on Gandhi and on Holodomor which had a higher death count than Holocaust according to some estimates. (At least there were no human experimentation in Holodomor AFAIK.)

Explore on Your Own

I have not seen that many content from Abhijit Chavda myself. I'm certainly not going to endorse him like I would endorse Jiddu Krishnamurti in spirituality or Ludwig von Mises in economics. What I know is that Abhijit Chavda is a well learned, well research and armed with many facts. He is offering a different outlook away from the mainstream narrative (propaganda).

The most important thing is not even about what or who you agree with. What is of paramount importance is asking the right/necessary questions. The conclusions you arrive at could still end up being wrong. The people you consume the content of could be wrong. At least the habit of questioning and thinking for your own can save you from becoming a sheep. They you at least have a chance of getting things right in future.

In Prison Your Sustenance is Guaranteed

It is like living your life under your parents as a bay, but usually under far worse conditions. You are not going starve in a prison or not have a bed or be without a roof over your head. You are likely to get some gym or a place to play a few sports. There might even be a library.

Freedom of Speech is The First Line of Defense

Truth can defend itself. It may require a great orator to do the defending at times. But it can stand on its own. 2 + 2 = 4 regardless of political power, military might or even the death of Milky Way. A lie can only hold its position through secrecy or power that suppress criticism of said lies. With freedom to speak against the wrongs it is possible to stop bad ideas before they fully take root in reality.

How do you know something is wrong? It is difficult. You will have to do a lot of research, have discussions or even go through debates (maybe against yourself playing devil's advocate). Without this process you either have omniscience or a prison for the mind.

Free Speech is First Aid Against Tyranny!