LIFE is Precious! Respect and Value it.


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Life is a precious gift that God gave us and many times we let it happen without doing something that really causes us satisfaction, it is not about doing things that we know they are wrong and then they can bring consequences, but do that we really want and we always tell with the direction of God, many of us have had the opportunity to see many examples of people who live submerged in a routine that does not make them happy and when they turn to see, there is no turning, now They can not or are not in a position to do the things that would have liked to do.

Everything in our life has its moment, there are moments to work, there are also moments for the family, have children study, etc., but together with all those responsibilities we must also do some time to dedicate ourselves, admire the beautiful things that our World, a landscape, a sharing with the people you love and above all a while to dedicate our lives to God since He gave it to us.

Love life and the beautiful things we have in it is very important, God gives us that great opportunity to know his beautiful creation, but we all also have a purpose that we can not forget, we must share how beautiful life actually is, what is the meaning of life if we do not share a word that brings salvation to someone? The most difficult task is know the most satisfactory we can take, with time we realize that we not only enjoy the earthly things if we do not help people find That path that takes them to eternal life.

We can not allow the routine to end our lives, we do not lose time to see the negative side of things, we need to see life with optimism, with love and above all we need to be humble and grateful for everything in life.

Live healthy, do things that fill us with pride and not impossible task of realizing, those beautiful stories we have throughout our lives, are the stories that give an example to our children, grandchildren And the rest of humanity, we do not stay locked up in monotony and living as if life did not make sense, everything depends on us and our interest in making a difference.

Thank you so much for reading. Have a good day 😊🙏
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