Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Sector!



The Health sector has innumerable problems that can be mitigated or eliminated with the use of Blockchain, completely changing the health system. This Blockchain technology can help overcome the problems you are going through and overcome the challenge you have ahead. Let's see some problems and how they can be solved:

Access to health information is limited, in many cases it takes manual, and this is where the blockchain offers a decentralized system and where the information would be available anywhere and time, by means of an API connection, where the Data can be shared.

Integency and safety of information is not adequate, can be falsified or modified. The blockchain generates a unique and immutable code generating integrity and information security.

There is no suitable mechanism for traceability in the drug supply chain. The Blockchain offers this mechanism, where in each process that is happening the medication is marked and labeling in such a way that it allows a thorough traceability to follow up on the medication.

Now let's see possible Blockchain applications that can be made in the health sector, and that can generate value to this system:

Digital data information
The information of each patient is irrigated in clinics, hospitals and health centers, each doctor has its patient file, in many cases those information files are manual. The ideal is to have a technology where all the information of a patient is concentrated in one place and where the treating doctor may have all the health information to be able to treat the patient in a more effective way. That is where Blockchain technology game an important role.

With the Blockchain, this clinical data information of each patient as their history, can be shared safely, where the patient can access by means of any device, and most importantly from anywhere and at any time; Guarantee reliable and timely data to the patient. Where the integrity and privacy of that patient will not be affected.

With the application of this Blockchain technology, both doctors and patients would have the immediate provision all required information, and errors and loss of time would be avoided.


Drug supply chain
The traceability of medicines is one of the concerns that are presented to both physicians and pharmaceuticals. Know all the steps of a medication since it starts to manufacture until you reach the patient, in many cases it is uncertain and there is no available supply chain.

Another application of the Blockchain is here in health care. Blockchain is a secure and reliable technology to control the traceability of medications. In this way, the information would be available for both laboratories, doctors and health authorities and could have access to the entire path of a particular medication. And each medication would have a unique seal impossible to change in all its journey.

Storage of medications
A defective storage can compromise medications, there are vaccines that need to be refrigerated. In current moments, vaccines for COVID-19 need to be refrigerated at a certain temperature for optimal conservation.

With Blockchain technology, the medication can be followed up at each stage, from the moment it room to be stored at a temperature until it reaches the patient. Carrying a thorough and precise control of the temperature of the medication

The company Pfizer since 2017 has a Blockchain technology, with the aim of complying with the law, as regards the drug supply chain. The Vaccine for Covid-19 of Pfizer needs to be refrigerated at -70 degrees before being administered, so that it may have optimal results.

Clinical studies.
Where new medications are tested and how effective it is, in a controlled environment. These trials take their time, can take years in these investigations. And pharmaceutical laboratories need to constantly make clinical trials and invest a lot of money there.

If there is a lot of money at stake, it is possible that fraud is present.

In this area, Blockchain technology provides advantages, where safe follow-up can be guaranteed to the study, both data and information, where scientists can work in accordance in different parts of the world. These records would be immutable in clinical research, increasing the transparency of research and in this way reduce fraud and also errors in records

Control and verification of medications
At present, a lot of drugs are introduced in the market fraudulently, because there is no suitable control that avoids falsification. It is believed that between 10 to 30% of drugs are counterfeit, causing losses to health companies and attempting against the patient's health.

In our case, due to the economic situation we are living, medications from neighboring countries are introduced, many of them without any control and counterfeit.

Blockchain technology can provide greater control and verification of drugs and therefore the counterfeit would be eliminated, since each medication would be sealed with a single code (hash) and brings as a benefit greater safety for the patient's health, since It is guaranteed a medication that complies with the established parameters. And therefore, companies will enjoy greater security, since all those fraudulent medications would be eliminated from the market.

The Blockchain in health care is at an initial stage, but it is ready to provide solutions to the current health system. There are countries that give an example of the functioning of the Blockchain in the field of health, I believe that this will help to occur greater adoption in the coming years. Current problems in the field of health care can improve significantly with the use of Blockchain.

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We have looked into starting like a medishare kind of program. It can be done using DAOs or even using a dedicated Hive account and the recurring payments feature for monthly payments of HBD. There is a ton involved, but there are some great possibilities. Reblogging for the front end for our audience to think on!

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