We live everyday not knowing what Tomorrow have for us.

Tomorrow as we all know is not promised.....That same tomorrow comes with various gifts which can be good or Bad and it’s quite disheartening.
Each time we’re having a bad day, we only hope for better Tomorrow, and if that Tomorrow comes and there is no changes in our lives.....we’ll still wait for Tomorrow to come again because it never ends as we all believe.
Tomorrow cannot be predicted, not minding some philosophical thoughts, views and theories.

Tomorrow can never be the same Tomorrow and it will be a different Tomorrow with it’s different lessons, gifts, good, bad, Death, Enjoyment and mourning.

Do you live for Tomorrow or do you live For today which will be called yesterday Tomorrow ?
We believe that joy comes in the Morning which we all tend to wait for Tomorrow to come with its various gifts for various individuals.

Tomorrow might be your day but my own Tomorrow will still come.... All we need is TIME which is precious , PATIENCE which will give us endurance, CONSISTENCY which will help us not to give up in your dreams for better Tomorrow, LOVE in our heart which we dent us with good image, helping hands and care, DREAMS which we fight for to make Tomorrow worth living and HARD WORK, For our Tomorrow to be bright and pleasing to the way We want it to be.

It Might be cloudy, rainy, sunny and full of too many obstacles, but when it’s our turn for our own Tomorrow, our own Tomorrow will be our everyday source of happiness.... But don’t forget that the Tomorrow you have is not promised as we all know and always say.....because it comes with too many Good and Bad deeds which will create another scenario for me and you, and make us not to EVER see a new Tomorrow which will be so strange to understand by those waiting for there own Tomorrow while they weep and cry for us, and those who never knew what is called Tomorrow.


When your Tomorrow never comes, that’s when you seize to exist..... your heart freezes and looses the race to nature, your body will be out of sources which helps life, you won’t be able to feel your flesh and it will end up decaying within an interval of TIME (DEATH).

Live your life in a good health, Benevolence, with LOVE, and most important of them all “GOOD LEGACY”.....Leave a good Legacy for Tomorrow to keep, the Legacy Tomorrow keeps passes it to Tomorrow which will never die.

Let’s be guided by our conscience which judges us when we do good or Bad, and let’s also understand that life is worth living today while we wait for TOMORROW to come.



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