My Experience On My Way To The Redemption Camp


Greetings everyone, it's 70th annual convention of the Redeem Christan of God, with the theme Perfect Jubilee, and while on my way there, I had a different experience with happens along the way, most especially gridlock that delayed my timely arrival to camp on time.


front view of the camp.

The gridlock was so much to the point where I spent over 4hours on a part that would normally take just 30 minutes driving, and by the time I got tired of sitting for longer duration with intense heat, I had to set out of the vehicle, to walk some parts of the journey and as well get some fresh air.


After walking for some minutes and became tired, I had to stop and wait till the vehicle I enter initially got to where I was, and not too long after I entered the vehicle to get some rest, the drive of the vehicle I entered got into a war of with another bus driver, and before we knew it, the both set down and start exchanging blows.

Other passengers and passersby try to separate them, but they fail to listen, and while all these were happening, I refuse to go out in trying to separate them, because the last time I tried to do such few years ago, I ended up with few blows on my face, so since they I've vow never to get in separating anyone from fighting.

Fortunately for us, the police had to get involve by flogging both of them with belt, because they were both causing more gridlock, because no vehicle was able to move pass them, after they were punished, he one of them went to their cars and drove off.


These is something that mostly happen in Lagos on a regular basis and that's why I detest the lifestyle.

Well after few more hours of slow movement, we arrive at my destination, and I step down and took those pictures below before working into the camp ground.


Thanks for checking out my blog post, have a pleasant night rest.


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