📷 MyLandscapePhotography - 16.10.2021


The sunsets in my city, especially at the Paseo Orinoco, where you can see the Angostura Bridge, the majestic Orinoco River, and the sun is already saying goodbye is something spectacular.

Los atardeceres en mi ciudad sobre todo en el Paseo Orinoco, donde puedes ver el Puente Angostura, el majestuoso Rio Orinoco, y el sol ya despidiéndose es algo espectacular.


This is my entry for #MyLandscapePhotography @eii's initiative which you can also do, just check this link https://hive.blog/mylandscapephotography/@eii/mylandscapephotography-16102021

Esta es mi entrada para #MyLandscapePhotography iniciativa de
@eii el cual tambien pueden hacer ustedes, solo vean este link https://hive.blog/mylandscapephotography/@eii/mylandscapephotography-16102021

The photo is from the family album gallery, for our publications, taken with a SONY camera.

La foto es de la galeria de album de la familia, para nuestras publicaciones, tomadas con una camara SONY.

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