The Wooly Mammoth: A 5-Minute Freewrite (Fiction)


Tommy and Oscar were exploring the Natural History Museum when they came across a massive exhibit showing a woolly mammoth. The two friends stood in amazement, taking in the prehistoric beast's massive size and features.

"Can you believe it?" Tommy said to Oscar. This object has been around for over 10,000 years."

"Yeah, it's crazy to think about," Oscar answered. Imagine how much money we could make if we could resurrect it and place it in a circus."

Tommy sighed and rolled his eyes. "You and your plans. But I have to admit, seeing a woolly mammoth in person would be fairly cool."

The lights suddenly flickered, and the exhibit started to shake. As the earth beneath their feet began to rumble, Tommy and Oscar exchanged puzzled looks.

Tommy inquired, "Is it an earthquake?"

Oscar made a shaky motion with his head. "I don't believe so. Look!"

The woolly mammoth started to move, much to their surprise. It blinked open its eyes and let out a deafening roar.

Tommy and Oscar were stunned until the giant spoke.

"Hello, boys," the mammoth said, his voice deep and rumbling.

Tommy and Oscar couldn't believe what they were hearing. "Did that mammoth just say something?" Tommy inquired.

The woolly mammoth bowed. "I did, indeed. And now that I'm awake, I have a grudge against you people."

Oscar took a deep breath. "What exactly did we do?"

The giant let out a snort. "You and your kind drove my kind dead. I'm the last of my species, and I want justice."

Tommy and Oscar exchanged puzzled glances.

"What kind of justice is this?" Tommy inquired warily.

The mammoth's pupils constricted. "Please give me something to eat." "I'm hungry."

Tommy and Oscar erupted in laughter. "Is that it? We can certainly do that."

They couldn't help but feel relieved as they made the mammoth sandwich that the extinction of the woolly mammoths wasn't their cause.