Ryan with Shiny!!

All you need is love, isn't it?? One of the only weddings I shot during this pandemic.. I was actually sleeping at home when a colleague called me and asked me if I could back him up for a wedding that's near my house.. I couldn't resist myself.. And I am kinda happy with the end results..


They say love is like a flower and you need to let it grow to gloom.. That's how I felt while shooting these couple.. They were very shy at first but got along well.. Shot these pictures in front of the church garden.. Just found the green background with some amazing pink flowers too beautiful and clicked some pictures of the couple using the frame..






For some reason I just love clicking couples inside the church.. I feel it gives a different meaning to the photos.. Also, love starts from here.. We say "I Do" here and so it should be special right?? Got to click a couple of pictures only as we had very less time limit.. But happy with what I got!!




How could I not click a sunset shot?? Found the sun playing a little hide and seek with us, but got some shots before it turned dark..




Do let me know what you guys think about the pictures..


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Those are some beautiful shots.😍 The sunset shots turned out really great.