Cryptic Laws and Currencies During Plague, Real or Imagined


Catherine Austin Fitts, whom I have long admired, is an investment banker and adviser, with a background in public service, and who has broke free from that cage to benefit the public privately. I cannot more strongly recommend understanding her advice, when she provides it freely as she does here, interviewed on Jerm Warfare on Odysee.

At about 55 minutes in of the roughly hour and a five minute video, she comments on cryptocurrency speaking directly based on her experience as part of the USG agency overseeing the regulation of currencies. If you value your investments in cryptocurrency, I strongly urge you to hear her remarks and carefully consider them in the light of your prudential duty to preserve your capital, first and foremost.

I hope you quickly benefit from it, and profit forever after as a result.

I personally recommend a broad diversity of assets, and the bulk of them things and processes you can physically secure and operate to profit from, as supply lines are under a terminal diagnosis today, and censorship threatens every communications medium.

Fiduciary trust is scarce in my experience, as I have been betrayed by every mechanism which has been claimed by others to merit trust. If my hands should falter in that duty to secure and safeguard my assets, at least I can personally take action to correct the fault, which is mine alone. I have never corrected the faults of others, though I have suffered them aplenty.

Live well, prosper, and love beyond measure. The love you give is the greatest treasure you will ever store in the unbreachable vault of goodwill. The universe exists. It is not a simulation. Every input is correctly apportioned, and no errors can trip the clockwork reality that equitably resolves all interconnected things.


Dear @valued-customer, The world I live in is where the state monitors the property, accounts and transactions of all individuals.
Perhaps, Currently I am being watched by Big Brother.

So, It's dangerous for a low-class person like me to talk to foreigners like you.
The state and the ruling class try to prevent their secrets from being revealed to foreigners.

The upper class struggle to obtain US citizenship to protect their bodies and property from state surveillance.

Low class people like me are in slavery because they can't get US citizenship.🤣