Weekly Battle Challenge With Wood Nymph

It is another Splinterland battle challenge where we need to battle using a specific monster pack which will be picked for that particular week and this week we are making use of Wood Nymph from the earth universe. I rarely make use of my earth monster cards all because I dont really have a strong earth deck or maybe because i dont really know where to place them except I make use of llama mage in some rules or use them with the dragon summoner. Since we need to use the earth monster card, I really dont have a choice.

This particular battle was between me and @kohin223 in a 40 mana cap battle with the closed range(rangers can fight in the first position) and keep your distance rule which mean we cant use melee attackers. we need to choose from dragon or the earth summoner, Picked the dragon summoner which was a wrong summoner to use because we are not using melee attackers. Had to be careful with my selections/formations

My Formation

Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 20.00.23.png

Lord Arianthus as my frontline because of the abilities especially void and magic reflect which is important in this rule, then i backed it up with Prismatic Energy which have the same void and reflect ability to return damage back to my opponent magic cards.
Spirit Miner ability are really important here, the speed and blind coupled with dodge incase the enemy make use of ranger cards.
Mushroom Seer with the silence ability even though it isnt that strong when it come to health matters but the ability is also useful against my opponent magic attackers. then I placed Wood Nymph right beside it to heal them with the tank ability and I make use of Centurai Mage as my back liner incase am facing a sneak card and this also have the returned fire ability which return fire back to range attackers. To me, I actually wish my self all the best while waiting for my opponent but he surprised me a little by bringing strong rangers.

You can check out the battle to see how I was able to win the match after reducing his magic attacks which have no effect on Lord Arianthus. I was able to really defeat him and only suffer less damage.

Check it out and also join us on Splinterland