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It is another weekly battle challenge and we are using one of the water summoner monster called Spineback Turtle which is a melee monster with the thorn ability and is one of the monster card i do make use of when using the water summoner and always my frontline so as to damage the opponent melee attackers before it get destroyed. The card when maxed have a good health and and amour but really lack when it come to speed and i rarely see others make use of it in battle.

Had to join this week challenge and the battle was between me and @zellopy in a 30 mana cap battle with the heavy hitters ( which give all monster cards the knock out ability) and also the taking sides ( which remove all neutral monsters) rules. We could choose from water, death, earth and dragon summoner and since we have 30 mana cap, I picked the water summoner and decided to give it a shot

My Formation

SpineBack Turtle as my frontline because of the thorn ability and the armour
Electric eels with the reach and blast ability as support and to cause extra damage while attacking the opponent monster.
Deeplurker which has a strong melee attack with the opportunity ability, had to use this card so it can attack the monster with the lowest health which can make it attack any position
Ruler of the seas which is one of my favourite magic card because of the abilities which are superb, the silence, blast and swiftness make it top notch the i backed it up with Medusa which have the stun ability so as to stun the enemy.
Sabre Shark with the sneak ability as my backline incase the enemy make use of any sneak card, this can protect Medusa

To know if the battle was in my favour or not, check out the video through the link below

battle link

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