Homemade Macaroni Pasta Recipe: First Time In The Community

First time in this community as a foodie, scrolling through hive looking for where to participate in an i saw this community full of food recipes and i was like, I do cook everyday and we have lot of food recipes here in Nigeria and as a fellow foodie, i can share and participate in this community by posting some content and also get active here too. Really hope am welcome.

We have lot of homemade food recipe and yesterday I was able to try how this Macaroni Pasta for the first time. My girl do make it for me most time she is around but I really didnt pay attention and since I really dont know what to cook, I just decided to try it out and it was really delicious.



To make this delicacy, you need to get some certain things which include

  • Macaroni Pasta (Golden penny or anyone)
  • Pepper and Onions
  • Tomato paste
  • Seasonings cube and salts
  • Curry and thyme
  • Smoked fish

How To Prepare

I classify the process into two sections, the first part is where you need to make the stew first, you firstly of all blend the pepper with the onions and not that smooth, then you put palm oil or groundnut oil on fire (depend on which one you want to use). Add the Tomato paste and fry it for a while before adding the blended pepper, add the seasoning cube, salts, curry and thyme. Tear the smoked fish into smaller pieces, rinse it and add it to the stew. cook it for some mins till it is almost done. Then add water to the readymade stew.

Screenshot 2022-01-16 at 18.12.03.png

After adding water, allow it to boil before adding the macaroni so it wont be too soft, after boiling, add the macaroni and other peripherals you feel like adding and give it some mins and it will be ready for full consumption.

Screenshot 2022-01-16 at 18.21.15.png


Final look

You will surely love to check out this home made food. All content are original. Time for me to learn more about this community while I come up with more content.