MONOMAD - Insect Activity in Black And White Eyes



This is my entry in the #monomad challenge tonight, in the #BlackAndWhite Community organized by @monochromes.

In today's challenge I show two insects that I snapped on a soccer field near my house, These insects perched on a wildflower on a soccer field. This insect is very difficult for me to shoot because this insect is always flying and moving from one flower to another and must move slowly so that the insect does not feel disturbed by my arrival while taking this moment. And photos with this type of insect can be seen in the following photo


In my area this insect is often called an earthenware wasp, this wasp usually stops at flower buds to suck nastar, this insect which has a distinctive black and yellow color has a thin and small middle body, always moves to and fro and likes to perch on rocks that are near it. on the ground and also perched on the branches of wild plants, this insect with the name Delta Unguiculatum can be seen by friends with its black and white charm in the photo.



The charm of this black and white photo of insects and twigs of wild plants makes this photo even more perfect because the combination of insects and twigs becomes more natural



In the photo this insect is an insect that is very similar to a fly, commonly called a flower fly, this insect has a beautiful color and a neat pattern on its body. This fly has a larger size than other flies in general. This fly has the name Epistrophe usually more widely spread in the forest. Big plantations and fields with lots of wild plants. For black and white photos you can see in the photo below.



In the photo below, it can be seen that this fruit fly is flying until it lands on the wild flower he is going to


In the photo challenge above I chose a photo of two insects and I took a photo when the insect landed on a flower and the combination made the black and white concept of insect life more natural when I displayed it in black and white for tonight's challenge by #monomad to the #BlackAndWhite Community. The photos above are the results of the work that I took using the Vivo X70 Pro Smartphone camera and using an additional macro lens for the smartphone.

Best Regards @uyapapua