A frolicksome 2 months old baby

Most times you might get so worked up about these little creatures. They are so unpredictable, you can't possibly tell their emotions at a particular time, do they need food, water, or breastmilk. Are they feeling stuffy, 😩.


It's been a month now, I have been up and busy with my two month old niece. Her mother happens to be a final year student in one of the federal universities in Nigeria. The government called up the strike in a very delicate stage in her life and baby's. Last month she had to resume school and already she is writing exams.

This period has really kept her away from her baby at this tender age and she can't help it. She has to prepare and write her exams so that she doesn't serve another year in school.

Well I am officially the Nanny, the second mother to my niece because I am the only one available at home everyday taking care of the baby from morning till noon.
Every morning she does a routine of extracting the breast milk into a container and kept in a cold place then she zooms of to school. When the baby wakes I feed her, change her nappies and clothes as well and try to make her comfortable.

Two observations noticed, The baby loves music, and she loves keeping a conversation.
If after changing her nappies and feeding her and she is still not comfortable then she must really be bored.
Yes she gets bored easily and the best thing to do is play music or tell a story.
She is two months old yet she keeps an interesting conversation😅. She responds with her rants which you could never understand, her giggles, she laughs so hard when you are talking to her. If you keep mute with her, she might just cry.


She is two months old yet she loves music, yes good music. I noticed that three days after her birth, the mom slept off because she was worn out and I had to keep the baby quiet and comfortable. She loves music, slow ones from the likes of Celine Dion.
Well I think it keeps her relaxed and more comfortable because most times she might doze off in her rocking chair or she will sit so pretty.

Taking care of children requires a lot of techniques and every baby has a different technique. It is the place of the nanny or the mother to find our what the baby likes or not
Unfortunately my cousin has not yet found most of these techniques because she goes to school everyday. I spend more time with the baby and I know her likes and dislikes, which I share with the mother as well.


What techniques works for your baby, mine feels comfy with music and healthy xonversations or story telling.
You can share yours, fortunately it might help someone out here.