Shitcoiners and top calls


Remember safemoon?

IMO a good topcall is to look out this shitcoins. If these take over, it is a good indicator for an top.

Shitcoins i like to watch;

Doge and all sister coins ( and everything with a funny name or picture).

100x gains in days and people think it will again 100x.

It is no financial advice, but something that's not wrong to look at.

NFTs now remember me defi 1.0.

It will be a longer run to the next tops. I expect something Insane.

But I also have in mind, if our WEB3 fantasy because reality, we will see something crazy.

Something we would never expect.

Sure that is the Hive bull talks out of me. Because the potential is so big, we have a decentralized "stablecoin" and so on.

For games, social, payments and the list is endless.

would be 10$ hive a lot?

100$ for 1 Hive?

10k for 1 Hive?

Sure for today everything over some "personal price area" looks insane. But it will always end up with one question:

Adds Hive a benefit and will people use it.

I answer this question with yes and maybe :).

No financial advice, do your own research.

Btw, did you see the ETH shitshow and the Jack Bitcoin dex shit?


I have bought BTC I want to convert it to shitcoin.I believe that coin will raise soon.i am a forex trader and investor.i like to invest in coins that stable.please I hope this shitcoin is stable.
Please which country have this shitcoin.
Thanks for the update

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