Prepare the pump


Hive will Pump I can feel it. It will be massive.

Do you like Green days? I love them.

What's my plan?

I hold some HBD ( stupid right?), for future Splinterlands pack purchases. The 10% interest is really good on it. Sure I could transfer it into hive, but I want these funds on demand and not looking for a good price. Because i have the problem, I hate to sell hive :)

CUB will also become super juice the next time with the IDO stuff. If there really comes a 2 Million + demand in a super short time + burn those tokens forever, we will see a nice pump as well.

Im also bullish on the longterm on Splinterlands. Would be funny if we would become some guy "the splinterlands Millionaire". I'm sure we already have some, but not in media right now :P

This year will end up really nice and next year will become even better.

Btw, no financial advice :)