Ethereum Blockchain Splits as Software Bug Affects More Than Half the Network


The last Software update splits ETH into 2 chains. 50% with old software 50% with new software.

Some call it a bug, others call it miners don't accept it.

I think because there is a lot of money involved, they will find a solution or there will be 2 chains for more BRRRRRRRRRR (3 chains).

Eth classic

Eth classic2?

and ETH

I don't hold any (large) amount now in ETH, so i don't care in general. IMO it will turn out into drama, special if it becomes Proof of stake and vitalik and friends show up with their millions of ETH. It could end up at some point like st**m and hive.

Not sure about all of this. Even I'm sure the community on ETH is very little compared to hive. There are maybe more users, but IMO they don't care about the chain at all. It is more like a tool for them.

If ETH transactions becomes cheaper and faster, it could be very good also for Hive, because I expect, it will show up other weak points, nobody thinks today off.

Overall some Topic we all now a lot about :) So lets look from the sideline and see what happens :D