Its Drizzling DEC


So i havent posted on here in a few days mainly due to not really having anything big happen on my account im just grinding my way upto silver but keeping my DEC capture rate above 85% so i can hit it hard thursday morning as the season in the UK ends 2pm thursday afternoon. For the last 3 days i have been doing my daily quest and the rewards have been so bad its not funny

Sunday - 3 DEC
Monday - 2 DEC
Tuesday - 5 DEC

Thats right only 10 DEC in rewards in the last 3 days no cards not even commocn $0.07 ones that would of been worth more than this all im hoping is that when i open my seasoin rewards all the crap stuff has already been given to me lol.

Sort it out @splinterlands where is my shiny gold foil lol