Garbage Pizza and Bee Stings


I walk into the kitchen and there is one of my fellow employee's finishing up cleaning out the fridge. He asked if I had anything in it with a worried look on his face. I said yes, a beeswax wrapper with pizza in it. He of course was very apologetic and started to immediately rummage through the garbage can. It was a quarter from the bottom and he assured me it was fine as nothing loose was in the garbage, just containers. It was still perfectly wrapped up. So I ate it. We laughed, I assured him that it was funny and the beeswax wrapper I'm sure, confused him.

Fast forwarding a bit, to after lunch where I am eagerly care taking strawberries and conversing with one of my fellow employees, a sudden sharp pain comes to my neck area. I swat at it saying, sorry I think something just bit me. Only it doesn't stop. More and more and more pain. I am thinking I am having a heart attack as it is shooting all down my arm. I need help. I rush to the washroom and lo and behold, bites! I walk out and tell my fellow employee's, I have never been bitten by a bee before and do you have any benedryl? Nope. Then again! More pain! I turn my shirt inside out (not caring that I might be flashing the men standing around me) and there is the culprit! He died on the floor shortly after and unfortunately I didn't get to squish the little bastard as I was too worried about all of the bites. I rush to my car, which only has less than a quarter tank of gas and speed to the hospital thinking of how I don't want to die, stopping at the elementary school on the way where they give me two teaspoons of expired children's benedryl. (Also a farm house before that, who had never heard of benedryl) I just made it to the hospital on fumes.

Once at the hospital, the doctor informs me that benedryl would have done nothing, if I was going to have a reaction it would have happened right away, but to get an epipen because you need adrenaline not benedryl for allergic reactions and that the more I get bit, the higher my chances of becoming allergic.

I have counted my stings and that prick (no pun intended?) got me 19 times. NINETEEN. So much for the old addage that a bee stings once and then dies.

On top of being sore and itchy from the bites and needing special cream, I received my second dose of the vaccine and I can't lift my arm and I feel like absolute shit. Aches, pains, etc. I am allergic to tylenol and advil is not really recommended because it's a blood thinner and I'm still low in iron.

In a couple weeks is the dentist. I'll let you know how that goes.

I love my life but I could really use a break from being physically beat up on an almost constant basis….. (I just finished healing from a minor surgery and before that an allergic reaction where my face was burned from a chemical in a disposable mask)

I was talking to my sister in law and she was going on about how she has never in her life heard me swear so much (I was relaying the story) - excessive bee stings require excessive swearing, how in the f else am I supposed to feel better, even if minimally.

Lessons learned: wear a turtle neck to work, label your food, and always stick to your tried and true “fill up the tank once half empty”, and of course the most important one of all, regardless of your boss telling you that "no one has been stung yet, they are gentle" - do your research on bee's and how it works when they sting you.

Hopefully you've had a better week than me and if you didn't, your not alone!



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That's funny...ouchy, but a funny story. I could only imagine the looks from the guys as you flip your shirt inside out...I don't even know how I'd react if a woman all of a sudden frantically flailed around trying to figure out what was "biting" her inside her shirt. Glad you didn't get permanently damaged. I hope you can look back and laugh about it now.