I feel like shouting this at the top of my voice and at the same time feel like gathering all the prestigious women around the globe to say this but I’ll write this hear hoping that it would be re-blog and shared to all the mother’s around the globe. Before I begin writing, I love to appreciate and greet all the mothers working hard to keep this community alive and growing. My heart goes out in live to you.

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To begin this write-up, I'll love to say that Motherhood is a privilege not a platform for competition or an avenue to body shame another.

Wether a woman looses or gains weight during and after pregnancy,you owe her nothing than acknowledging her strength and prowess as a mother. No shape is bad or out of order, you can't create so allow her feel happy. A lot of women drink liquids that damages their organs and gives them a shorter lifespan because they want the figure 8 shape after child birth. This is not what it should be, if you need to check your weight then let it be done with a right motive not because you want to get people's appraisal or validation. Some married ladies don't want to get pregnant for the fear of the mentality that "pregnancy makes you look ugly". This are all lies and we need to wake up and put an end to this.

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It doesn’t matter if a woman went through CS – Caesarean Section or Episiotomy or Induction of labour (IOL) or she had the normal birth, I think what is more important is that she had the opportunity to birth another of her kind and further bless the earth with beautiful and amazing seeds that will germinate to make the world a better place. It pains me the most when some set of women think they are better off than some other women because to them the women that go through every other form of birth process outside the normal has not had a true taste of the pains of motherhood and at this point I ask what rubbish!. I mean for crying out loud we both carried this kids for nine full months and some of us had a tear either on the tummy or our reproductive walls but we were all properly treated and the tear sewn to normal. We ought to continue living our lives and to take care of the baby we brought forth, so for God sake what makes us different.

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Some mothers can’t even talk about their birth experience because the feel ashamed and not accepted by the women who claim they had the “Hebrew women” kind of birth. Others want to embark on the journey of surgery because some shallow minded people said your husband will not appreciate your stitched body parts. Dear women, be a mother and own up to your scar. There’s no success without a scar so be bold and talk about your journey and how you travailed in the labour room or in the theatre. Mothers are worth being celebrated, those critics never contributed in the process of conception to delivery so why allow them detect your life?
Women I dare you to own your happiness and be your child’s fist model and hero. Carry yourself with dignity and let your husband know that he married a “war-wife” let him see your fearless spirit and brace to the victory poll. Women you can be more, so wake-up, brush yourselves up and confront your fears. You only know the taste of victory when you dismantle your Fears.

Beloved, I went through episiotomy and I am living and basking in God’s glory, most times I only get to remember the experience when we discuss the journey of motherhood not because I feel ashamed but because I enjoyed and learnt lesson and of course I moved on. Pregnancy is not a disease, child birth is not a cross, remember our babies have their individual weight differences that determine their birth condition so for me, it’s our mindset that needs to be work upon and I trust you found this useful to help begin the re-thinking process.

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To all the mothers around the world, y’all are my Insurmountable and y'all the strongest being on earth...
Sending hugs 😍😍😍