Wheels Of Progress: IVM's Drive For Local Industrialisation

IVM's Automobile manufacturing plant

The acquisition of locally manufactured vehicles in Nigeria by the Sierra Leonean government from Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Co.Ltd. (IVM) last year piqued the interest of many Nigerians who were impressed by the purchase. Before this acquisition, many Nigerians, including myself, were unaware of the rapid expansion and high commercial trade being conducted recently by IVM both locally and internationally. This notable achievement reminded me of a captivating advert featuring prominent Nigerian actor Jim Iyke, where the local automaker depicted its vision to become the premier automobile brand in Africa, a goal that was further reiterated by its slogan, " Pride of African roads."

IVM's Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered High Capacity Buses

Although the success of IVM's vehicle sales to the Sierra Leonean government is laudable, it was not the first time the local automaker caused a buzz among Nigerians. Positive reactions were garnered in the past when several state governments in the country procured their vehicles for administrative use. The news of these procurements, widely celebrated by Nigerians, not only promoted IVM but also changed the negative public perception about the quality of their vehicles. During this period, I recall a lawyer whose chamber was close to my aunt's grocery store, after acquiring an IVM SUV, drawing public attention whenever she drove or parked the vehicle around that vicinity. The build of the SUV seemed surreal to many admirers, as its quality exceeded expectations for a locally manufactured vehicle.

Dr Innocent Chukwuma, Founder of IVM Co. Ltd.

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (IVM) has come a long way in becoming a crucial player in Nigeria's local automotive manufacturing industry. Established in 2007 as a subsidiary of Innoson Group, IVM began commercial vehicle manufacturing three years later in Nnewi, Anambra state, Nigeria. Founded by Dr Innocent Chukwuma, IVM aims to stimulate local industrialisation by producing high-end affordable vehicles, thereby, reducing Nigeria's dependence on foreign-used cars, popularly known as "Tokunbo."

IVM Ijele


IVM has made significant contributions to the nation's automobile industry and has positively impacted the Nigerian economy. Through its wide range of products and services, the company has demonstrated that local companies can develop the nation's automotive manufacturing industry. In addition, It has revealed the benefits of its participation in the automobile industry, including industrial development, provision of premium and affordable vehicles, employment opportunities, and growth in local trade and commerce, among others. The company also runs an active social welfare programme, offering scholarships and technical training to students, and awarding car prizes to participants in local reality TV shows.



As an advocate of industrialisation for economic progress in Nigeria, I am elated that a company like Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (IVM) is leading the way in the development of the local automobile industry. I hope that the Nigerian government and the people will support IVM and similar companies working to develop the nation's local manufacturing industries, as the potential benefits are tremendous. The promotion and patronage of local manufacturers by Nigerians will encourage the growth of industries and also boost the nation's economy. I commend IVM for its immense contributions to our automobile industry and economy and call on other manufacturers to follow suit.

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It gives immense pleasure to make your country progress in any positive direction. Being able to produce quality automobiles for one's own country is certainly an achievement that deserves celebration

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