Name Change Weekend

If I must change my name for any reason, the new name I will like to bear is Oren Gottfried. Oren Gottfried is the name of an American neurosurgeon and Professor at Duke University, Durham, North Carilina.

The first time I came across Oren Gottfried was on my feed on Twitter. He shared a tweet of a colourful medical illustration of the human brain that caught my interest. It was the first time I came across such a post on Twitter. I spent some time to study the illustration and later proceeded to learn more about Oren Gottfried M. D. I need to include his title! He is a doctor after all LOL! I clicked the link to his Twitter handle on the tweet that I had read and was directed to his profile. I skimmed through his homepage and found out that he posted a lot about medical cases, illustrations, and conditions.

I was also surprised when I read his bio and learned that he is also an actor and writer. I was amazed about how he found time from his demanding schedule as a neurosurgeon for his interests in the world of entertainment. I recall saying to myself that he must have good time management skills. Dr. Gottfried's name also fascinated me as I was not sure about the correct pronunciation of his name. I found his first name easy to pronounce but the last quite challenging. The doc's first name Oren(OR - REN) was a stroll in the park for me to pronounce but Gottfried got me trying out different pronunciations. The first pronunciation I attempted was (GOT-FRIED) and is not an indication that I want to fry the doc's name LOL! The second was (GOT-FREED), this sounds much better and convincing. It made me feel free LOL! Anyways, I liked the ring on both pronunciations of the doc's last name and took a liking for his name as a whole.

I began to follow Dr. Gottfried after reading his tweet on Twitter because I liked his content. I liked the way he presented medical cases and how he poses questions to his audience to engage them. He also includes elaborate images and videos of the topics of his tweets. His approach to sharing medical knowledge and enlightening his audience which is made up of members within and outside the medical community is something I appreciate a lot. He has made his specialty of neurosurgery easy for me to relate with and see the human brain and nervous system from the eyes of a neurosurgeon!

At this point, I think it is obvious that Dr. Gottfried's content on Twitter and my uncertainty about the correct pronunciation of his last name are the major influences on why I will change my name to his if I must. I like how he represents his profession and the effort he makes to impart knowledge through his content on Twitter. I still don't know if GOT-FREED the pronunciation I incline to is the correct pronunciation of Dr. Gottfried's last name LOL!

Thanks for reading,
Have a splendid day folks.

Happy Weekend guys!

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