It was one of those slow and moody days of the weekend, where confusion was at it's peak.It had dawned on me that even the trial and errors I used in life didn't produce desired results.Thoughts of answers to all the questions I had on my mind( most of which I can never answer) and figuring out the next thing to do, gave me a serious headache.
We had just lost a loved one💔, so the thought of everything gave me a hard time.After few hours of thinking about everything,I had to let go of the pain, negativity and focus on the positive side of life.

Yessss! it was bad at the time,but there were still good sides to life.
While trying to stay positive, I remembered my last time at the beach.


That was about four(4) years ago😂
I had been there for barely twenty (20) minutes and I didn't even step in the water because I was too scared😂
I love everything about the beach🥰 except that I'm scared to be in the water...I had decided to do better and act even matured my next time at the beach😀. So the question was “when would I go to the beach”?

I was still reminiscing when a call came in from a close friend...
Friend: Hello!
Myself: Hello! How are you doing today?
Friend: I'm doing well..Quick one, would you like to go to the beach today? It's the weekend.
Myself:Wow!😯 Happy and surprised at how my thoughts could be someone else's too, I answered “ yes, I would love to come with my friend too”
Friend: Great! We're driving towards yours to pick you up.
I was excited💃 so we dressed up immediately, entered the car and were on our way.Throughout the drive,I was quiet, trying to put myself together and hoped for a breath of fresh air.
Finally,we were at the beach.I was ready to let the waves hit my feet and the sand be my seat.I suddenly became all emotional, so I decided to take a long walk on the beach.

Staring at the ocean actually changed my brain waves frequency and put me into a mild meditative state.As waves came in, crash and then recede again,it gave a soothing ambiance that nothing can beat🥰 . The sunlight soaking into my skin at the beach spiked my bodies' production of Vitamin D and serotonin, releasing all kinds of feel-good chemicals in my brain 😌.
That feeling of freedom, ability to move and appreciate the colors of nature brought back positivity and disconnected me from situations that generated stress and anxiety.
I came back from the long walk to meet with others.I became very happy, excited and full of smiles.


I wasn't even scared of being in the water anymore....It was Therapeutic 😌❤️
It felt like a truck load of burden had been lifted off me.I got way more than the level of positivity I needed.
Even my friend felt very happy and appeared not to be bothered.


Oh! How refreshing can nature be?
I had found my happy place 😊

I felt totally different from when I came.All the vibes I needed to check- in back to life was restored.


I couldn't capture the entire moment but I created Beautiful memories in my head😂
Nature is the balance.It is a beauty to behold 🥰
It was the perfect way to spend my weekend.

Have you found your happy place?
You should find your happy place too.
There is no place like home, except the beach🥰 .


I'm glad I shared how my weekend went with y'all.Thank you for reading through.


I'm sorry to read you lost a loved one. My condolences...
And it's good you were able to shift your thinking into something positive. The beach is a great place that usually give us a better perspective. Glad you found it as one of your happy places :)