Sponsor report for 13.09.2021-19.09.2021 APR - 13.840%

About us

We are supporting Ukrainian community by curation. Sponsors get 90% of total weekly curation amount, including curation from own 20045 HP.


  • Total investors: 38
  • Total curation for previous week (90%): 594.025 HIVE
  • ROI - 13.840%
  • 2.661 HIVE per 1000 HP delegated weekly
@alinalazareva1010.81 HP2.690 HIVE
@arena1010.18 HP0.027 HIVE
@blind-spot500.15 HP1.331 HIVE
@boga4202.56 HP0.539 HIVE
@chazashleyua208.05 HP0.554 HIVE
@cranium14036.50 HP37.357 HIVE
@cryptobandera220.11 HP0.586 HIVE
@cwow21001.92 HP2.667 HIVE
@dfen671.49 HP1.787 HIVE
@drorion184791.84 HP491.814 HIVE
@dubishin1007.44 HP2.681 HIVE
@expertua66.91 HP0.178 HIVE
@inna-yatsuk79.21 HP0.211 HIVE
@keato60.08 HP0.160 HIVE
@makszafon208.19 HP0.554 HIVE
@master-ok2.20 HP0.006 HIVE
@nazavzhdy1115.92 HP2.970 HIVE
@nutsua21.05 HP0.056 HIVE
@oceanplanet202.44 HP0.539 HIVE
@ok-top207.60 HP0.553 HIVE
@oleksandr30.40 HP0.081 HIVE
@polyideic206.82 HP0.550 HIVE
@rapp14004.05 HP37.271 HIVE
@rollie1212203.68 HP0.542 HIVE
@scrodinger500.07 HP1.331 HIVE
@serafym66.91 HP0.178 HIVE
@sergeyk203.52 HP0.542 HIVE
@shenan205.55 HP0.547 HIVE
@splinterlands-ru205.55 HP0.547 HIVE
@stranger27210.97 HP0.561 HIVE
@svitlanka202.54 HP0.539 HIVE
@tatiblog212.91 HP0.567 HIVE
@upekarova362.58 HP0.965 HIVE
@vabadaba402.43 HP1.071 HIVE
@vision-of-esca10.31 HP0.027 HIVE
@wal.life222.83 HP0.593 HIVE
@whisky210.38 HP0.028 HIVE
@zirochka309.83 HP0.825 HIVE

Excluding dlease.com delegations and curation program users.

2% Partner program payouts

Invited BySponsorDelegationPayout
@rollie1212@alinalazareva1010.81 HP0.054 HIVE
@alekst7@amyli33200.47 HP0.011 HIVE
@nazavzhdy@cryptobandera220.11 HP0.012 HIVE
@teamukraine@dreamsct202.54 HP0.011 HIVE
@teamukraine@dubishin1007.44 HP0.054 HIVE
@teamukraine@oceanplanet202.44 HP0.011 HIVE
@teamukraine@ok-top207.60 HP0.011 HIVE
@rollie1212@splinterlands-ru205.55 HP0.011 HIVE
@teamukraine@svitlanka202.54 HP0.011 HIVE

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