Onboarding on Hive. The Hive + Blockchain Seminars.


I live in a city of over 3,464,123 population, Abuja in Nigeria. And it is among the place where big things are done in Nigeria. One of the expensive and busiest places in Abuja is Wuse because it is a centre for business. Within this year, I was able to get an office space at Wuse and doing business there has been easy because it is a centre that is accessible from every part of the city.

I run a lot of tech services like web app development, mobile app, designs, teaching blockchain, programming and content creation and many more. I have a few staff and collaborators and everything has been smooth.

I see the space I have as a chance to get people within the city and above to join the Hive community. Aside from just onboarding people, Abuja holds a lot of billionaires, and some might be potential investors to join and grow the ecosystem the more. I checked the trading volume of Hive days ago, and it was over 1 billion dollars. That is massive, but it can be more. We have to keep growing this community.

I am not a designer but using Photoshop isn't a big deal to create a basic design like this. We want to start two days a week seminars about Hive in our company. This means we can talk to over 40 potential users and investors to join hive weekly if there is proper visibility.

Hive Frame In Our Office

@tykee at meshboc company

Since I designed this myself, I decided to provide the process. I took the hive logo/coin on the banner from the Hive assets in Hive official discord server. Designed by @doze.

We already have a platform to use for this quest but we need some visibility to reach out to many people in the city. We will be running Facebook ads, local publications, radio announcements, writers communities and many more. We have good intentions for this, and if we can get the support it would be helpful.

Publications will roll out tomorrow and we will be sharing updates on every seminar.

Thank you all!

My name is @tykee (Barlogun Michael), a web developer, Civil engineer, content writer and the CEO of Meshboc Technology & Digital Services Limited. I am using my content to share my opinions on tech, lifestyle, and finance, to promote myself and impact my readers. I always like to learn. Education is the most thing I cherish.

Discord: tykee#8770

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