Weekend For Laundry And Market


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Someone said weekends are not for laundry when you are rich. Weekdays are for work, and other things will still hang on weekends. You can delegate some of your tasks to people, laundry persons, local workers and all that, but if you don't want to do that, you still have to do laundry by the weekend.

I am a bachelor, and I am not used to taking my laundry to laundry services, but since I have been busy lately, I select some and take them to the laundry.

For this weekend, laundry is a no-no for me. I don't have the energy and had to take some of my clothes to the laundry service. I was reading about the ways to waste and spend excessively on one of the top searches on Google. One of the ways is taking clothes to laundry services. It is a long list that contains buying bottled water. So buying bottled water is a waste of money? You can get a water can/plastic and keep filling. The blog is one of the reasons I try to do my laundry myself. Whenever I take my clothes to the laundry person, I feel like I am wasting money. Do you agree that taking clothes to laundry guys are a waste of money? If we don't, how would they also feed? Just like saying you don't want to take alcohol again. If you don't how would the truck drivers survive? :) Anyways, I don't take alcohol.

I decided to stay off work today. Though I must deliver a basic website to a client today, and I can finish that in just 2 hours. I do exercise almost every day but I felt a bit lazy and I woke up with no food in my house so the first thing that came to my mind today was to go to the market and get some food.

Because I like to exercise, I walked down the market with a friend/partner(He will join Hive). So, I spent over 2hours in the market buying and having fun. It is just a free day, and we had to have some fun. We can't keep working always.

It is a local market day, it is a common thing in almost every part of Nigeria. The people in the market or the market management will set out a day in the week as the market day. This is the day where things will be cheap and a lot of sellers will bring farm products to the market. Local farmers all around would come, and the buyers will have many options. I don't stock my house with food because I get really busy and I don't cook always. If I stock too much, they will eventually spoil.

I got a few things and cooked. I am not a great cook but my food taste. Now, back to using laundry services. Do you think it is a waste of money?

Thank you!

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