Living an hasty or important life?



There are times in our life that we feel different in the things we are doing. We feel we are capable of doing more than we are doing, not doing the right thing or the feeling for the desire of what we want to do.

I met a lady recently. She told me about her zeal to become a UI/UX designer. However, her Job is not giving her the time to learn and probably practice it. So she asked me for advice on what do to. I said, "if you want to achieve that, you may be broke for a while. If you consider that important in your life. That is the price".

We all have this thing we want to achieve, and we don't seem to have time for it. It could be losing weight, building business, apps or anything.

These are the important desires we want, but something is always on the way that comes urgent. Family pressures, job pressures, information with urgent attention and many, then we push the dream and the important thing forward again. This is a challenge that we face daily, and we need to learn to start living an important life. A life that drives towards our desires and goals.

Your life in the near future.

Think about what you will be doing in the next five years. Still, chasing more money or building your business? We need money and there are times when we have to put some important things on hold for us to get our lives together. However, how long do you have to keep fixing the urgent need instead of building your desires and dreams? A year, two or your entire life?

How to get over your urgency to live a more reasonable life.

Choose your path. The lady I talked about is only 23 years, and she is currently living with her parent which means she will survive even without her Job. But she probably set a standard on how she wants to be seen and not what she wants to become.

People who know me well know how I have been living. I have the desire to build a big tech company that will trend around the world. I know I still have some urgent needs but whenever there is a chance to do something in building the business, I take the chance and nothing else would matter.

We all have urgent tasks each day. I have been building my business gradually, and some urgent needs comes along the way. Sometimes we have a job to finish, a family to attend to and others. I woke up this morning with a different thing in mind, but I am currently at a police station because someone tried to fraud my family huge sum of money.

Having goals for your desires helps you to advance with them. If your desire is to lose weight, setting out 1 hour a day for push up and jumping rope is a goal. If you desire to build a business, spending a few hours a day planning and fixing things you can is a goal. If you want to write a book, a chapter a day is a goal.

Live importantly.

Real value never looks urgent. They are in process. You can't build a skyscraper in a day. Pick your dream up and run with it. Stop living only on urgent things. You can't be here forever. If you want to be remembered, you need to live to be remembered.

I drop my ink.

Thanks for reading!

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