I am giving back to Hive. More events about Hive


Ever since I joined Hive 4 years ago, I have only been earning. I have never really contributed anything to the growth of the ecosystem. I tried some applications, but they stopped. I would say partially because I have been planning and working on an application behind the scene. This time more professional and better.

I announced that I will be hosting some seminars about Hive and I will be onboarding hundreds of people on Hive. Well, I plan for 1,000 people. The journey is on, and people are already joining Hive through me. Over 20 people have joined Hive through me, but some are still working on their introduction post, and some people are having issues because Hive onboard and ecency had downtime at a point today.

Some new hivers


I am using my office for some events, and I use other places where I have connection and influence.

Today Saturday, I took a session at my office then I went to a friend's place to take a few people about Hive.

@francisx1 and @tykee

I have reinforced some people to fix a place for me around Bwari, Abuja to host another session tomorrow at 3 pm. I made flyers and some publications to reach more people, and I hope there will be a massive turnout there tomorrow. @francisx1 is working with a tech millionaire, and his boss is already interested in Hive.

Let's all give back to Hive. I hope this is useful for the further growth of the ecosystem.

Thank you!

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