First Meshboc Hive seminar. Onboarding on Hive



Publications are not out yet. I was supposed to get some things set up but I was very occupied with some client dev work I need to complete. I had to take the first event like that. I had only 6 participants today and I set up their accounts. Also, there was an issue with my plaza power supply, and we could not use the TV to display details about Hive, but a computer helped.

The account created today is

  1. @francisx1
  2. @flawles
  3. @doublefunds
  4. @elderfundz
  5. @bianca2020
  6. @lastin-b

They are all working on their introduction posts on Hive. I will be taking a few people again today. The next proper seminar will be on Saturday, and I am sure there should be more crowds than I can take. I am also planning to be using a more spacious place if I see that my office is causing limitations because of space. Though I have a bigger place within the office to use. The office is demarcated because we do a lot of other things.

I could not get enough pictures because of time. I was supposed to start at 3 pm, but some people came late, and I had to start at 4:30 pm but I was able to cover the necessary things. As I said in my previous post, I covered Hive and some sub-communities like Leofinance in the seminar.

I will be signing up more serious people every day. My target is 1,000 consistent people within a short time.

Thanks for the support!

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