A Perfect Way To Live



We all desire a good life but we have different aims for a good life. Some people just want to have money and be able to afford all things while some aim for things that are beyond imagination.

I have been around for close to 3 decades and I have had experiences that are beyond my age. I have seen life from many angles and if you are an Africa man, you will understand what it takes to fight and struggle for basic things. You have to create opportunities and "life" for yourself.

Two years ago, I fell very sick while I think I was living well. I am always a careful person because I just don't want to have any health issues. And I carefully watch my finances because I just want to have a perfect life. However, I see that life is full of ups and downs. Nothing is permanent and nothing is guaranteed. People suffering from sicknesses don't ask for it. People that have financial issues don't ask for it. People with no family or loved ones don't ask for it. Life just place things on our laps.

Many people are just praying and hoping for a good and perfect life. We want things to always fall as we want and we don't want to be sad for a day. So, the question is- WHAT IS THE PERFECT WAY TO LIVE?


I read a post by uncle @tarazkp and a part of the post got my attention. I highlighted the part and placed it in a comment because I understand it deeply beyond the text.

The Text

But, we don't always have choices in what happens to us.

After a few communication on his post, I asked if there is ever a perfect way to live. I am sure he is more experienced and highly knowledgeable.

His reply

I think there is no perfect, which is why we keep advancing. We keep looking for better, never content. It might be hard life as an individual, but it can lead to a better life for those to come.

Just think what the world would be if we were content with conditions 500 years ago and decided not to search for better.

We keep Moving


I view the word "we will keep advancing " as we will keep moving no matter what. No matter the situation we just have to keep living while breathing. A lot of people are facing things that we don't want to imagine but they show up every day like nothing is really happening and that keep creating the wonders they can while they live.

Life will never wait for you and your time is ticking. At a point in 2019, I was highly discouraged because of my dreams and ambitions and how I could not work again because of the sickness then but when it got to a level, I was working and receiving treatments at the same time. Then I moved over it and my thought changed.

Making the best out of your life.

There is no perfect way to live but we can make the best out of life.


It is good to drive and strive to have more but contentment with the things available for us is one of the keys to happiness. Many peoples goal in life is to be happy. But we find and expect too much and we fail to be thankful and appreciate all the good we have. Since we can't live life forward, we should appreciate the good life brings to us.

Don't worry about the things you can't change.

No matter how fast you are, you can't run beyond time. There are things that are just beyond us that we worry about. Worry brings in more problems that will make living more stressful.

Life is all about “You”

Be your brother's keeper but your life is "you". Give the best to you and remember that when you find yourself in a deep "shit" you may be disappointed in the people you feel are there for you. This is why you should always give yourself the best before anyone else. You can't give things you don't have. Feed yourself with all the good things before giving anyone a bit of it.

Prioritize Your Health

Without health, you can't do anything, and you lose something important when you lose your health. I can still do a lot of things but I discover a bit of change in my usual productivity level. So, you may be broken right now, you may not have the strength as you used to or have the capability like you used to but know that you can manage what is left and enjoy your life as if come. Recovery is possible when you still have breath in you.

Light up and have some fun.

Push anger aside and enjoy your life. Boost your energy, improve your memory and concentration, reduced stress, and protect your memory. Fun is not a waste of time. It is the creator of time. Fun makes you live well and better. You can't be here forever. Enjoy every single minute of your life. And remember there is no perfect way to live, but for those that believe, moving(living) with God will give you a better result.

Thank you for reading.

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