[Let's Play] Assassins Creed Valhalla { Ep. 14 }


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In this episode we traveled to Repton, killed lots of enemies and then we started looking for Ceolbert. After some time we found him and Leofrith (the most loyal Burgred warrior), we fought him 1v1 and I didn't expect that but I died to him on easy difficulty. Such a strong enemy, but in my next try I did well and won the fight. I needed to decide if I want to spare him or kill. We are Vikings so I decided to kill him, sparing him would be no respect for such a great warrior.Afterwards we took Ceolbert to his father, king Ceolwulf and then he asked if we could protect his son at our Ravenstrophe camp, so we took him there and went to Randvi to report what happened.In meantime I also decided to build a Barracks in our camp so we can create more great warriors.Once I reported to Randvi she told me about some weird merchant I need to check, so I went to talk with the merchant but it was nothing special, some kind of online feature. Later on I decided to explore Granrebridgescire to find more allies. We gonna travel there in next episode!

Note: I'm playing on Easy difficulty with English voices and Polish subtitles.

I hope you enjoy this let's play series and please let me know your thoughts in comments!

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