Meme challenge #242 Entry # 1 After the mess up

mess up.jpg

My Mom is the queen of the kitchen

My mom is the centre of of our universe and she is a stay at home Mom.
She is excellent with house hold work. Her management ensures that the house is tidy and neat.
Under her administration things remain in their place and there is not a speck of dirt.
She ensures things are in order and this applies to her kitchen as well.
I say her kitchen because we are not supposed to move things around and keep them our of place.

There are the odd exceptions to the rule

Once in a while we get access to her territory when we that is me my day and my elder brother try to cook something in the kitchen.
Some times it could be a special dish we want to cook for mom or at other times it is a recipe we may have seen on a cooking show on TV or on an online platform.

Cleaning is the difficult part

For us novice cooks it is a great feeling to be in the kitchen which is largely our moms territory.
However slowly we begin to move the pots, pans and the cooking utensils.
Sometimes the flour gets spilled and sometimes the salt.
Over all it is an exciting session for us however one can easy see how our excitement gets spilled over leaving the kitchen in a mess.
Though we try to put things back in their respective places yet it is never to the mark or how it used to be.
So after we have done our job we go to the living room and try to be super busy reading the newspaper.
This is specially when mother comes to us after taking a round of the kitchen.
Most often she ignores or over looks for then.

Family time is sports time

Playing a sports with your family is a great bonding exercise towards fitness as well as bonding.