Sold some DAI and powered up Leo! Leo has some really great projects going and I am bullish on it!


Those who know me well will know I have been in the crypto space since almost the beginning, back when you could get free btc from faucets(damn do I wish I did that and hodled!!!). I come from a Computer Science, Information Systems, Data Management, ERP Systems background, I never figured bitcoin would take off and the subsequent landscape of crypto that is expanding at this rate!! It was more of a hobby for me and I usually just engaged with others on forums about ideas and interesting concepts, only ever holding minimal amounts of crypto for fun. Decentralization and DEFI is going to become BIG business and a BIG deal in the years to come.

What is DEFI??? Here is a good article by coinbase

If there is one thing I have learned through the ups and downs in crypto, it's that there are many projects and things moon here and crash there, it can be really hard to specifically find a project you think will do really good. With Hive and Leo I see two really great projects, amazing developers, very active communities, DEFI!!! DEFI is key in the centralized world we live in, more and more EVERYTHING is becoming centralized and it profits are funneled to the oligarchs and corrupt corporatists(is it redundant to say corrupt corporatists lmao?).


There is an airdrop going on to people who have powered up Leo, see here!!!

I am really excited to see liquidity pooling done at a lower cost, by using BSC/Hive it will be interesting to see how low this cost can go. I have not used BSC myself yet, but I do plan to in the near future and will get into providing liquidity. One of the main problems on Ethereum is fees are up to 50 USD per transaction on SushiSwap and other swapping services, it can take you 2 or 3 transactions before you are able to start pooling(or losing 100 to 150 USD). For someone like me who only wants to play around with a few hundred bucks to start with, that's basically losing all of it right away!!

bLeo - a wrapped version of LEO on the Binance Smart Chain.

They are putting it on Binance due to the huge fees currently going on with the Ethereum network(ETH is undergoing a huge DEFI explosion and their upgrades for lowering fees have not kicked in yet). I think it is smart to go onto BSC because Binance has been around awhile and is trusted, has many customers, has a lot of leverage in the crypto space, good business model, etc. People want to participate in the DEFI staking and being liquidity providers but cannot do so due to ETHs huge fees. I was going to get into

CUB token

This is the token you will get from the air drop and is actually not on Hive but on the BSC. As long as you have staked LeoPower or WLEO LPs(WLEO pooled on Uniswap) you will get some of this distribution, though the WLEO on Uniswap has to have been pooled at least 1 week prior to the snapshot and that date has passed. If you are looking to get the CUB air drop you will need to power up LEO on (you can also do this on and maybe Peakd).

CUB will be announced at a later date as to what it actually is. For now what we know is that it is a DeFi smart contract application on Binance Smart Chain, will have built functions to collect revenue and burn CUB/bLeo and have the pooling mechanism. There is also the Geyser function for WLEO-ETH pool that gets reliable extra rewards, bLeo will have more unpredictable returns when pooled.