September update - Rewards for supporting the @informationwar project

This is the September update.

  • Removed several people for the upvote list that weren't delegating anymore.
  • Added 2 new followers

Current Upvote Power: 1,400 HIVE + %50 upvote from @wakeupnd(3,600+ HIVE)

Delegate at least 100 HP to @informationwar and you'll receive free upvotes from me.
Click here to delegate 100 HP Now

Shout out to new Delegators:

These Hivers delegated at least 100 HP or more since the last update and now on my upvote list.

What is the Truthbot?

If you don't know about this bot it was created by me(@wakeupnd) to reward people that delegate at least 100 Hive Power to @informationwar. Once you have delegated enough HP I will add you to the list and it will upvote any post you make on Hive as long as the voting power is above 90% and you haven't reached the max of two upvotes per day.