Wide open sky a Friday musing


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Wide open sky a Friday musing

It's the end of a wild and hectic week. The holidays are upon us it's definitely getting colder and it's that time of year when things just get very busy. This is the time of year when we get our holiday joy and when we become so busy we lose sight of some of our longer-term goals.

This year has been wild. The year of 2022 has gone fast inflation has been hard on families and it looks like next year is going to be a challenge. The economy is looking shakier and many people are taking note of layoffs. It's enough to shake many providers and makers in the industry.

As I was getting in my car to go to work today I looked up at the sky it's wide open up there. There's infinite possibilities and we put ourselves in a mindset of scarcity everyday. We have the choice of what we do we can quit our jobs and get a better one we can get more education and skills and it really is wide open despite what the media says. We can change our fate with a string of decisions any time we want. It's an amazing power and a bit of a scary prospect.

The choices we make today will affect where we end up a decade from now. Let that fact set in. We can choose to thrive or we can choose to wither. That is the choice I contemplated today. Will I continue on my path of empowerment, or will I sulk into a path of self defeat. It's all out there. We make the choice.

I have myself confined in a box in my own mind. I was limiting myself because of my beliefs and because of my actions. The past year was a challenge, but I'm still standing. That's enough to make a choice and take a chance on the future. It's enough for now, but concrete actions need to be taken to make real change. If it's just lip service, then I have chosen to anchor myself in place.

my challenge to you going into 2023 is to really take a look at your life and see what you want to change. Are you happy with your current trajectory? Be honest with yourself.

After the hectic holiday season a lot of people make New year's resolutions. If you're the type who does take it seriously this year I know I have a few resolutions and I'm going to be pushing for growth in my own life. There are a lot of maintenance aspects that I have to figure out in the next year and there are some real challenges that I have but there's opportunity everywhere. Don't limit yourself by your own thinking make sure that you take the time to address what needs to be addressed and look forward because there's a lot out there.