Water Is Life! - Ladies of Hive Community Contest #53

When we are inside our mothers womb, we are held in fluid, amniotic fluid, which is made up of water, nutrients and fetal cells. This fluid nourishes us and protects us, it is vital for our development! Our bodies are made up of roughly 60% of water, depending on our age and health. Water, literally gives us life!


This week , The Ladies Of Hive Community,want to know
Would you rather go without water or electricity for a week?
I really could not imagine a day without water, let alone a week. The first thing I do, when I wake up is wash my face with cold water and then drink a glass of spring water. Then, I feel fully awake and ready to start my day. It is the most natural thing to do.

Water cleanses us, in so many ways. I love to walk to the river, near where I live and immerse myself in it's waters. Letting it wash away the dirt and all my worries with it. I love to sit and imagine, that all the things that have held me back, be taken away by the flow of water and transformed into what I wish to manifest.


When we allow things to flow in our lives, when we don't hold back how we feel, or what we experience, we really begin to experience the gift of abundance. Water is the perfect metaphor, to help us move past any obstacles, as it always finds a way through.

Drinking water, is one of the best ways to detox, as it flushes toxins out of our bodies, it does so much more than just hydrate us.

And then, there is the sound of water, how the way it flows, how it moves, how it connects so much with how we are feeling, from the trickling stream, to the thunderous waves in the ocean. How it demonstrates now connected we are to nature!


These Waves
bringing me closer to myself
and yet taking me further away,
dragging me down,
smothering me in their hold, as if I am their prey.
Thrashing my emotions within,
propelling my fear and leaving that taste of unease
as their immense power sets in!
These Turbulent Waves
that shake me to my core
that rip me open and leave me exposed!
no relief from their constant battering
as the throw me naked upon the shore
of who I am!
These wild waves that are constantly changing,
that help me ride my inner storm
and then deliver me gently to a sense of calm
where my true self,
holds no form.
Limitless, luscious, wild and blue
at once my vision is crystal clear
and my senses are born anew!
Soft and Tranquil
they rock me as I dive ,
deeper into my inner caverns
where there is nowhere left for me to hide!

Just the sound of water, is enough to melt my worries, to transport me to a state of bliss. To sit on a beach and listen to the waves crash upon the shore, this sound, this brings me to such a peaceful state, a meditative state, where I can totally surround to the present and just be!


We simply can not live without water, so the choice was such an easy one for me. I can go without electricity, I enjoy candle light and the natural sounds that surround us, once all the electrical buzz disappears. I crave that silence so much at times, to just be in the wild and immerse myself in nature. To really switch off!

Water, brings us healing on so many different levels. Our tears that fall upon the earth, anointing the ground as we make our way in life!
that wrap themselves
around my being,
that bear my sense of loss
for who I am becoming.

that carry my pain
that take on my sorrow
allowing my inner self to guide.




Water is needed in everything.
Water is healthy.
I would choose water over elasticity because there is no alternative to water but electricity has got alternatives.
Water is life


You are surrounded with so much beauty! It's no wonder you are filled with it as well.


A beautiful picture of water! I love to hear it as well rushing in creek/riverbeds; waves on the shore; rain as it falls! Thank for sharing, and lovely pictures as well! Take care!


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An excellent entry, @trucklife-family!
Thank you for the treat of poems.
Thanks for sharing, and good luck with the contest.
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