RE: POB+Kryptonium=Vybrainium, Verify Your Brain (VYB) New Tribe & Token 😀👍


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@vikbuddy, we appreciate the good vybs you're sending our way!

Quite honestly, I was surprised at how smoothly the final pieces to the puzzle fell into place the last few weeks as @calumam and @scholaris and I began ironing out the details.

As you pointed out, this has been in my mind for months. However, without both @scholaris and @calumam, there is no way this vision could have ever materialized into an actual launch of the experiment.

And, to be honest, there is still a long way to go, which is why I am so happy to have @scholaris and @calumam actively leading and managing a multitude of tasks and sub-projects.

I might make a separate post about this, but I want to explain how critical @calumam's and @scholaris' support has been and is to the future success of VYB.

Eliminating downvotes cannot be possible without a strong anti-abuse team. I was ecstatic when @scholaris agreed to lead that effort. He is already doing an excellent job leading the anti-abuse efforts for POB. Integrating those efforts into VYB means we get the benefit of @scholaris' expertise and energy in this area, without diminishing those efforts when it comes to POB. As stated in our announcement post, the first 50,000 POB received through the POB-for-VYB exchange will be delegated to @scholaris and his anti-abuse team. With that said, we are already nearly half-way to that first milestone (23,882 POB have been exchanged for 95,528 VYB)!

Similarly, @calumam is playing a crucial role in four extremely important areas [1] boosting manual curation, [2] making POB and VYB attractive to outside investors, [3] making POB and VYB attractive to other Hiveans, and [4] overseeing the graphic design and branding efforts associated with VYB.

First, @calumam started a manual curation project within POB several months ago. He began revamping that process a few weeks ago with an eye toward the announcement of VYB. Between now and the commencement of the VYB rewards pool (on or around 12/18/21), he will be leading the efforts to assemble a team of curators and a robust process that, together, will enable whale accounts to happily follow those manual curators, knowing that they are simultaneously maximizing their POB and VYB investment potential while supporting rather than confusing manual curation efforts.

Second, the successful launch of the community-curation project will lead directly to #2 above, making POB and VYB attractive to outside investors. Having a solid manual-curation effort in place will allow investor whales to 'follow' those efforts to essentially boost the voting power of manual curators while remaining good stewards with respect to the investment potential with respect to their hodling of both tokens.

Third, @calumam will be leading the @vyb.earn project, which will sponsor projects and contests aimed at energizing POB and VYB tribe members, encouraging them to engage with each other, to try new things, to promote POB and VYB to others within their spheres of influence, and to bring new and fresh energy to both tribes.

Fourth, take a look at the initial graphics in the announcement post! Cal's attention to detail, choice and use of color pallets, artistic creativity, and electric energy are unequaled by any other tribe on Hive, imho. Just wait until he starts minting some VYB NFTs 🚀🎑👀🕶 ...

I cannot stress this strongly enough. The Verify Your Brain project would not exist today had it not been for the tireless efforts (past, present, and future) of these two exceptional guys!

Thank you @scholaris!

Thank you @calumam!


Just wait until he starts minting some VYB NFTs 🚀🎑👀🕶 ...

So exciting! Can't wait to award people with a little bit of NFT love.