RE: Graffiti Lettering Contest #7 (SLIM) - 100% Liquid Payout + 400 Ecency POINTS


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One things sure though... I came to this blockchain to pursue my dreams and champion freedom. I'm NOT going to fall in line just because of a few lame accounts DV'ing my comments... and I WILL continue to speakUP and make use of my voice!

And I wish for your dreams to come true!

I'm sure a couple of DVs here and there won't stop you! I also hope they'll stop at some point! 🤞

Thank you for this comment.
Just your recognition means so much to me. 🙂

A pleasure! 😁 Best of wishes for you!

I know you're stronger than this and maybe soon they'll realize how wrong they are 😉

Have a great day! ☄☄☄