Cooking the mushroom noodles I got from home 🍄🇵🇭

I love mushrooms! I love eating it on pizza, instant ramen, burgers, soup, and more. When my mama said she's been cooking Pancit using mushroom noodles, I was instantly curious what it tastes like. One of my favorite dishes is Pancit, it's a traditional noodle dish here in the Philippines. I grew up loving how my mama cooks this dish, instead of just using soy sauce, she also adds fish sauce. This makes the color light but still flavorful.


Last Sunday, I decided to make one for myself. When I went home in the province, I brought packs of the mushroom noodles from home so I can have it here in the metro when cravings hit. I used seafood instead of pork and chicharon (dried up pork skin and deep fried) and added lots of vegetables.


Here is the list of ingredients I have used for cooking Pancit. Although the noodles is already made of mushrooms, I still added Enoki mushroom since they're about to go bad. Hahaha. Stocking vegetables is a very difficult to do, I have watched hacks and tips to store vegetables and fruits in the fridge, but, it's still a huge challenge.


Even though the cooking part is relatively easy compared to other dishes, preparing the ingredients usually take so much time. You have to mince the garlic, slice the onions and leeks, cut the carrots thinly, cut the beans in equal sizes, and slice the cabbage to smaller sizes.


It's been so long since I cooked this dish so I had to call first my mama for a review of how she do the job. The steps are the usual sautéing the garlic, onion, and leek, followed by the shrimps and clams. You can also set aside the seafood before adding water but I chose to let it stay in the pot to add more of its flavor to the dish.

After adding water, put in the carrots and beans since it'll need more time to be cooked compared to the other vegetables. Add a little soy sauce and pepper, then, wait for the water to boil.


You can now add the mushroom noodles once the water boils, you can cover the pot to evenly cook the noodles. Make sure that the pot won't dry up of water until the noodles are cooked properly. You can stir it from time to time so that the noodles will be cooked evenly.


What I love about this is that it's chewy compared to the noodles I usually buy from the supermarket. There's the hint of the mushroom flavor too. We live in a small town in the province so I was surprised when my mama said that the noodles are made just within our town. Someone in our town has started a business in manufacturing these goodie noodles, I hope their business will thrive and be able to sell more in other provinces.



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