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Hey guys! Welcome to episode #25 of "Two Tricks In A Row". It's been a while since the last time I've been posted the episode of "Two Tricks In A Row". In this episode I wanted to share with you my back-to-back quick line tricks the Backside Boardslide on the ledge and Varial Flip. Almost 12 years now since I've done this trick and I remember I've done this back-to-back trick on our old spot but I've done my Boardslide on the rail, not on the ledge, and my Varial Flip is very high. It's so much fun when you perfect your skate line whatever line tricks that and after multiple mistakes, I've been so proud of myself just because I've pulled out those back-to-back tricks again. Thanks to my buddy Joshua Bragais he keeps pushing me to perfect my back-to-back trick.

Not A Perfect Backside Boardslide

Doing the BS Boardslide on the ledge is not too easy the reason why is if the wax is not enough so there has possible your board does not slide so you have to make sure you coat enough wax on the ledge. But with my Boardslide, I've been experiencing stuck my board before in the middle of the ledge the reason why is our ledge has a weak part the wood is already collapsed and it creates a small hole. My wheel got stuck in that hole so I've out balance and fell to my board.

On the second try of my BS Boardslide, I failed to roll out my board just because I tweaked my tail so much direct to the ground that's why I fell to my board. The reason why I tweaked my tail so much is I interrupted on that hole I need to watch that hole and avoid it because I don't want to stock my wheel again.

A Perfect Backside Boardslide and Not a Perfect Varial Flip

Here's the scenario since I got managed to land my BS Boardslide on the ledge I need to pull out my Varial Flip but the thing is I failed to pull my Varial Flip on my first attempt. I also got my Varial Flip but when I landed my Varial Flip I landed the board in a manual position so my board slipped into my foot and I almost rolled to the ground.

The same goes for my second try I failed to land my Varial Flip perfectly just because I failed to pull out my board in 180 degrees.

The third try is kinda a funny just because when I flip the board the flip turned like a rocket so the board looks like a rocket. So I failed to land my Varial Flip but I saw it's really high.

A Perfect Fakie Bigspin Flip & Kickflip

Yeah, dude after multiple mistakes I've finally managed to pull out my back-to-back tricks the Backside Boardslide on the ledge and Varial Flip. The reason why I failed to perfect my BS Boardslide on the first and second try my speed is not enough and I noticed that. On my third, fourth, and fifth attempts, I increased my speed and add a little bit of wax so my Boardslide was sliding smoothly.

When I pull out my BS Boardslide on the ledge I focused my mind and my body on my Varial Flip and I felt that time I can do it and I wasn't wrong. When I pop my tail like a Pop Shuv-it I flick the nose to Flip my board like a Varial and I watched the rotation of my board and then when I felt it I landed my Varial Flip and I finally got it. Thanks to my buddy Joshua Bragais I'm just riding to his shoot.

P.S: I've been playing skateboarding since 2005 and started filming and editing in 2011. On the TWS skate video, you'll find a random of tricks and behind skateboarding, we are not pro skaters we just skate for fun and I really love this.


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Congrats bro! First time in 12 years? Wow! That’s pretty cool! Keep shredding 🔥🔥🔥